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Lobster AR2000H

Lightweight riveting pliers with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

  • Shockless technology offers ergonomically correct operation to minimize the risk of cumulative trauma disorder
  • Fastens Ø 4.8/6.4 mm rivets in all materials and Ø 3.2/4.0 with optional accessories
  • The integrated silencer reduces working noise and is more environmentally friendly
  • Wear-resistant materials (high-strength polymer housing) ensure a long tool life
  • The air hose can be attached to both sides of the riveter for greater flexibility of use
  • Long stroke


Rivet diameter Al St A2 Cu CuNi


3,2 - with optional accessories, supplied separately x x x x x
4,0 - with optional accessories, supplied separately x x x x x
4,8 / 5,0 x x x x x
6,0 x x x x x
6,4 x x x x x
ModelDimension 1Dimension 2Dimension 3Dimension 4Dimension 5
AR2000H 297mm 325mm 106mm 84,5mm φ24mm
Model AR-2000H
Stroke 18,5 mm
Air consumption (l/cycle) 3,6
Weight 1,6 kg
Diameter of the riveter nose 24 mm
Work pressure (MPa) 0,5-0,6
Tensile 14,0 kN
Riveting range

4,8/6,4 for all materials

3,2/4,0 with optional accessories

Collets Ultra "H"
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