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Automatic rivet feeder ARF810E

  • Can be used to produce flexible lines and cells
  • Table size
  • Easily portable
  • No need to connect to an air source
  • Stable rivet feeding speed
  • Maximum rivet lengths: 2.4mm (9.1mm), 3.2mm (13.3mm) and 4.0mm (13.9mm).

Dimmensions: 1-420mm, 2-350mm, 3-240mm

ARF810E rozmer

Weight 10,5kg
Power supply AC 100 ∼ 240V (50∼60Hz)
Operating voltage DC 12 V
Consumption <1A
Applicable rivet size 2,4mm, 3,2mm, 4,0mm
Noise <75dB
Basket capacity 1000pcs (2,4mm a 3,2mm), 500pcs (4,0mm)
Model Rivet compatibile Diameter of frame head holder Riveters
ARF-810-24-21 2,4mm 21mm R1A1, R2A1, AR-2000MV, R2B1
ARF-810-32-21 3,2mm
ARF-810-40-21 4,0mm
ARF-810-24-23 2,4mm 23mm

ARV-011M, ARV-015MX, ARV-022M, ARV-025M

ARF-810-32-23 3,2mm
ARF-810-40-23 4,0mm

Enabling size changes
Size change is enabled by replacing the separator unit, rivet rail unit and frame head holder (optional equipment). For details, refer to the instruction manual.

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