RAC182 RAC181
Pneumatic riveters


The FAR RAC182 is an ideal helper for high-volume production thanks to its ergonomic shape and low weight.

  • Easy, fast operation
  • Air inlets can be set on both sides of the tool
  • Ideal for high volume production
  • Damping device to reduce noise
  • Automatic suction function - new adjustment of suction for lower consumption of compressed air
  • Trigger suction function
  • Stroke 20.5 mm
  • Maximum force 10.50 kN
  • Riveting range 2.4 mm - 6.0 mm, designed for fastening standard aluminum rivets from Ø 2.4 to 6 mm (Ø 6 mm in aluminum) and high-performance rivets up to Ø 4.8 mm
  • Able to deploy structural and Trifar rivets

RAC181 nakres


Rivet diameter Al St A2 Cu CuNi


x x x x x
3,0 x x x x x
3,2 x x x x x
3,4 x x x x x
4,0 x x x x x
4,8 / 5,0 x x x x x
6,0 x        
Model FAR RAC182
Stroke 20,5 mm
Air pressure (bar) 6
Weight  1,7 kg
Diameter of the riveter nose 23 mm
Tensile 10,5 kN
Riveting range

rom 2.4 mm to 4.8 mm in aluminium, steel and stainless steel

up to 6.0 mm in aluminium

able to deploy structural and Trifar rivets

Suck Automatic and triggered



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